Wednesday, March 5, 2008

gainesville boot camp

this past weekend was epic. what started out as a normal gainesville filming mission with the fellas from brevard turned into a 30 head session. tricks were going down too fast for my camera to keep up with. here's some of the aftermath

Brian Peterson, nollie flip

nollie frontside flip

ollie to fakie

Carlos J, frontside big spin

CJ, nosegrind

frontside noseblunt

Colin, kickflip shove

Dante, 360 flip

Dustin, melan

Erik, kickflip front boardslide

Freddie Tan, kickflip crook

nollie big heelflip

switch heelflip

Jesse Gonzales, nollie inward heelflip

Joe, fakie frontside flip

Jon, 360

backside bluntslide

lien to tail

Koki, crail grab

Mike, caballerial


Shane, backside tailslide

nollie flip

CJ, crooked grind

last spot, second day of the trip. 30 heads!

group shot, take 2

I have always driven by this spot and wished i could shoot a trick on one of the ledges. We went to the spot saturday night, and while we are setting up equipment a security guard came out. not to worry, he just wanted to watch. and finish his beer.

Jon, gap to 50-50 gap into the street

Jon, 5-0 stall

Jon, wallie out of the ditch into the street