Saturday, April 26, 2008

something to look at

speedbumps and detours on the road to happiness

once-in-a-lifetime spot (haven't seen a truck parked there since) = once-in-a-lifetime bail

taggin up the streets

porch gap 180s

jason boone, aka huck finn

cup games

porch mug shot

gotta stretch

porch gap kickflips

park maddness

commanding the ground to keep it's distance


we just want to get on the road

5 minutes after the worst shinner we've ever seen

be brave, koki

the fruits of hard labor sometimes go sour

rib-stickin good

bedtime for louis

erik, 50-50 to rack to face in the plants

broken boards fueling the fire

freddy tan makes the leap (or bail) of faith

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

takin care of business

We've had some cement blocks sitting at our house for some time. This past Sunday we finally got around to combining our resources with other cement block enthusiasts in the Gainesville area.


Tony is seriously awesome. He labored tirelessly over the would-be ledge all day while we took turns chipping in our 2 cents worth of cement shoveling. When you see him in the streets, nod his way. When you see him in the bars, buy him a drink.


As far as a finished product, I guess you'll just have to go check it out for yourself. DON'T mess up our new hotness by spray-painting piss or shit or balls all over it. If you do, we will find and kill you. Otherwise, enjoy your new spot, Gainesville.


ps- Jimmy Lannon ollies high