Tuesday, February 19, 2008

take you down to chinatown

thanks kevin for everything (mostly the mini ramp)

Koki, feeble to fakie

Freddy Tan, frontside flip

CJ, nollie flip

Joe, switch flip

Johnny, hardflip

Koki, varial heelflip

Max, tre flip

Max, switch 180

Teddy, switch frontside flip

Saturday, February 9, 2008

fast times and faster food

Went down to Merrit Island for a little filming/skating/contesting.

Seth Perdue got 1st

Koki, back smith

switchy switch hardflipper

Koki knows, do you?

CJ is on Timeline now

The guys at Merrit Island skatepark let us have a little after-hours sesh. And by after-hours i mean we were there until 5 in the morning.

CJ, burning the midnight oil with a switch frontside flip

Max, switch flip

Corey, nosegrind

Corey, nollie back 180